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feature ForceFins® toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles, for a most efficient and powerful kick.
Clean edges that cut through the water without turbulence.
An ultra snappy blade designed to move a high volume of water behind, giving you maximum per kick acceleration.
Sculpted trailing edges and Vortex Generators keep water fast-flowing.
EXTRA-ForceFin® are adaptable for optional Whiskers™, which allow you to control the way the water works for you.
When rotated inward, they draw water a large column of water to the center and behind you, accelerating it similar to the way in which water accelerates through a gorge, and create a ramjet effect to catapult you forward.
Equipped with the ForceFin® Bungee-Strap Kit gearing up is easy as never before.
Material: Cast Urtethane
Color: Black
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